Raul + Adele

Love have no boundary.

Adele is a Chinese who lives and works in Melbourne Australia.
Raul is a Canadian who lives in Canada which is pretty much the opposite side of the world from Adele!

After they have chat online for some time. Raul decided to make the relationship more serious. He decided to move to Australia. Without job, family and friends... He kept pressed through the hardship for only one reason.... that reason is... to be with Adele.

We were very lucky to film and photograph these cute couple.
The ceremony was one of the most simplest ceremony we have attended!

We were very touched to hear the speeches from both families.
And what amazed us the most was probably the fact that Raul MADE the wedding dress for Adele! This is the first time (ever!) for us to see the groom making a wedding dress for the bride!
We were very glad that we could filmed him making the dress very very early in the morning! ;)

Jason Wong
Joe Leeteerakul

Phil Chan
Joe Leeteerakul

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