Galen + Jenelle

“How Property Changed our Lives!”

“Err Hi Galen. …So I heard that you are the property guru, could you give me some advice in purchasing a property for myself?”
- Jenelle

And that’s how our story began ☺

Although we attended the same church, our paths never really crossed. But it’s always unique how God puts people together – starting from helping Jenelle to buy her apartment, our friendship gradually grew as we kept in touch and simply hung out as friends.

“One thing I really liked about Jenelle is that when I was with her, I can simply be myself - I found that I relaxed when I was with her. She’s a really uncomplicated and genuine person, perfectly balancing my complex life.” - Galen

As we look forward to sharing our life together, we want to thank our family - whom we love dearly; our wonderful friends – the family we chose to spend our lives with; and God – the One who made all this possible.

Thank you to all of you for being a part of our lives – we cherish every moment we share with you.


Galen & Jenelle ☺

"The engagement party was held at the Rhapsody Apartments function room on St. Kilda Rd. The wonderful afternoon was filled with stories of love and laughter over funny memories about the couple.

Galen & Jenelle wanted to keep the event about the people closest to them, so the simple event was created around the valued relationships of all who attended."

Joe Leeteerakul
Delwin Chang

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