About JL

JL VIDEO PHOTO was founded by Joe Leeteerakul (JL). His love and passion for photography started when he was taking photos using a film camera, back in the days before digital cameras were available to consumers. His love for nature and people helps him to capture beautiful landscaping, nature, and portrait photos. His understanding of the environment around him, knowledge of lighting, and ability to capture “the moment” as it happens helps him to capture pure/uninterrupted snap shot photos. He believes that a good photo is a photo that is meaningful, a photo that can communicate stories, and a photo that can “enrich memories” for the person who looks at it.




David + Lulu’s Testimony:

Hi Joe! Just want to say a huge THANK YOU for the awsome video you made for us! I don’t even know where to begin… it made me cry the first and 2nd and 3rd time that David & I watched together! It was beautiful and better than we could ever even imagine!

We showed it at our reception and we and our guests loved it!! so many of our guests commented “it was one of the best videos” they have ever seen; or “way better than a famous Korean drama”; it was so romantic and real that they felt like we told them our love story personally and much more. It was one of the highlights of our wedding reception and made it soOoo memorable for everyone!

To be honest…. initially we won’t too sure because usually people just have wedding photos and videography was still relatively an unknown field to us and we had no idea where to begin, but thanks to your professional guidance and brilliant skills everything just turned out AMAZING…. I’m lost for words. We thought we properly look awkard on camera but THANK YOU for making us look good, naturally! =D So many of my friends were asking me who made our wedding/love story video and they were all so surprised how unique it was compared to the many “fancy” but “generic” videos they’ve seen online.

The video is a great way to share with our family and friends overseas, because sometimes photo isn’t quite enough! People say “a photo is worth a thousand words”, but your video made us speechless… When we showed your video at our reception, that was the quietest moment of the evening! Every single one of our guests just stopped eating/talking/whatever they were doing and stared at the screen! People told us the music for the video was perfect for us, the story line was so real because you listened to our personal story and made it unique just for us… Thank you.

David & I can’t thank you enough but still…really want to Thank you for being so professional yet so easy to approach on a personal level. Thank you for making our unique love story into a video which we can show generations to come and it’s simply timeless.

I think we are addicted to your videos now! Hehe been watching it over and over again…

David & I think you have a great talent for what you do, so keep up the good work!

Best regards,

- David & Lulu

Married on 10th March 2012


Zachary + Melissa’s Testimony:

Thank-you to JL video for doing such a great job with our capturing our special day. Your team are so lovely and friendly which made having you around so easy :) We appreciated how JL video took the time to sit down with us and find out what our style was and how we would like the crew to capture the day. The bonus pre-wedding shoot was a great way to meet the crew and see how they worked so on the day we were comfortable. The extra photos are a great keep sake too! We love our wedding photos and can't wait to see the video, we know it will be lovely. Thank-you JL video, we loved your work!

- Zachary & Melissa Fischer.

Married on 3rd February 2013